How to search YouTube playlists

The “add to playlist” feature under each YouTube video is limited to the 200 most recently-edited playlists. I passed the 1000-playlist mark some time ago, so YouTube’s tips for creating and managing playlists are no longer useful.

I can easily copy a YouTube video URL and paste it directly into a playlist through the “Add Videos” button using basic Edit Playlist features, but the problem is finding the right playlist.

I have three bookmarks that help me find my own playlists. Here is what they contain:

Bookmark #1 – search term “username”, playlist

If you’re a teacher or student looking for a good video example, add “dj academe”, playlist to any search on YouTube to find the videos I’ve curated relative that topic.

This type of search picks up keywords in the playlist description and video titles as well, so it’s the most expansive one.

Bookmark #2 – Most recently updated

Replace “ljchancey” with any username to see a list of their playlists with the most recently-updated at the top.

Bookmark #3 – Video Manager / View All Playlists

This link comes with a search box that automatically searches only your own playlists by title.


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