About DJ Academe

I am Laurie Chancey, a sociology professor at Asnuntuck Community College. DJ Academe is a handle under which I curate sociological multimedia.

A relevant, short, engaging video clip is one of my favorite methods of illustrating amorphous academic concepts in a concrete manner.

These videos are not (all) scientific documentaries meant to stand alone. They are cultural products with their own biases, meant to be consumed with context and critique.


  • “Academe” is pronounced AK-uh-deem
  • Post dates are occasionally manipulated so that more general topics appear closer to the top of each category
  • Published playlists are continuously updated with new videos
  • Playlists are automatically sorted with the most recently published at the top
  • Music videos are sorted into separate playlists

Visit DJ Academe elsewhere:


Profile pic credit to 1950sunlimited

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