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Marx and Engels – Means of Production – The Chemical Brothers


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Playlist – Comment is Free – The Guardian

Comment is Free – New video every Wednesday

There are some excellent videos in here on various social justice topics. Lots of them have good closed captioning, even some of the auto-generated ones.



Densho – Japanese American History – YouTube Channel

Check out this YouTube channel called Densho. I discovered Densho while searching for videos on Japanese internment.

Densho is a treasure trove of historical information and case studies, with the “evacuees” speaking for themselves. Most videos have excellent closed captions and are trimmed to a short enough length for efficient embedding.


Description from YouTube Channel:

Densho is a Japanese term meaning “to pass on to the next generation.” The legacy we offer is an American story with continuing relevance.

Using digital technology, Densho provides access to personal testimonies, historic photographs and documents, an online encyclopedia, and teacher resources to explore principles of democracy and promote justice. We seek to educate students and inspire them to act in defense of liberty and the highest values of our country.

Densho presents a thorough accounting of what happened to Japanese Americans during a time of war. In doing so, we hope to contribute to current debates about civil liberties during times of national emergency.

We believe that citizens and residents equipped with knowledge of the human costs and consequences of civil rights violations for the few are better equipped to protect the civil rights of all.

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