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Egyptian Singer Tackles Real, Metaphorical Walls

Published on Sep 12, 2012 by VOAvideo

The Fair Play international music awards honor young musicians for their work exposing corruption and oppression around the world. This year’s winner, who will travel to Brazil in November to receive her award, comes from Egypt. VOA’s Elizabeth Arrott has more.


Nigerian Musician Raps on Resources

Published on Sep 12, 2012 by VOAvideo
Up-and-coming Nigerian artist “Jeffy J” releases new songs urging young people to fight for justice with their voices, not with guns. The artist asks why Nigeria, a country that could be extremely wealthy, remains dangerous and poor. Heather Murdock caught up with him in Abuja, and let him tell his own story.


Slaughterhouse ft. Cee Lo Green – My Life (2012)


[0:00 - 2:00] Intro is “Rappers are Richer Than You,” a standalone profile of Eminem’s extreme, fictitious conspicuous consumption.

[Verse 1: Crooked I]
Ay, S-L-A, U-G-H, T-E-R, H-O-U-S-E
Yes we are, the best in the biz, the West in the bitch, this East side LB
Money over coochie man, 645 when dip through the burbs
I be on my Gucci Mane, smash on the gas, kick a bitch to the curb
House in the hills, thousands and mill’s
Getting wild in the field with your spouse in Brazil
On ounces and pills, how does it feel?
To count dollar bills that I found off skills
Check it out, Jets fly private
Nigga S5 Hybrid, baby test drive my whip
I’m in Bed Stuy with my chick
On my West side fly shit
Pulling out minks when the weather get chilly
Left Eye side kick
Now don’t you niggas go chasing waterfalls
These bitches wall to wall and they love to floss y’all

[Verse 3: Joe Budden]
What a success story, when the film plays it gets less gory
My son didn’t know who his pop was for years, now it’s less Maury
God put it there as a test for me
Used to walk around with a vest at 40
Cops tryna mess hall me
Now babes with the 34F’s adore me
I took the rock and a hard place and made the best orgy
Now the fans approach, I get paranoid
Where I’m from, they tell me never let your guard rest
But it’s simple to disregard stress
Hoes run to the bone and they far fetched


Public Enemy “Can’t Truss It” (1991)

Lyrics on RapGenius

And I’ll judge everyone, one by the one
Look here comes the judge, watch it here he come now
(Don’t sentence me judge, I ain’t did nothin’ to nobody)
I can only guess what’s happenin’
Years ago he woulda been the ship’s captain
Gettin’ me bruised on a cruise, what I got to lose
Lost all contact, got me layin’ on my back
Ugh, rollin’ in my own leftover
When I roll over, I roll over in somebody else
90 damn days on a slave ship
Count them fallin’ off 1, 2, 3, 4 hundred at a time
Blood in the wood and it’s mine
I’m chokin’ on, spit, feelin’ pain
Like my brain bein’ chained
Still gotta give it what I got
But it’s hot in the day, it’s cold in the night
But I thrive to survive, I pray to god to stay alive
Attitude boils up inside
And that ain’t it, you think I ever quit
Still I pray to get my hands around the neck of the man with the whip
3 months passed, they brand a label on my ass
To signify our owned, I’m on the microphone
Sayin’ 1555, how I’m livin’
We been livin’ here, livin’ ain’t the word, I been givin’
Haven’t got, classify us in the have-nots
Fightin’ haves cause it’s all about money “damn”
When it comes to Armageddon mean I’m getting mine
Here I am turn it over Sam
427 to the year, do you understand
That’s why it’s hard for the black to love the land


Radiohead – 2+2=5 (2003)


Thievery Corporation – Unified Tribes (2011)

Watch: Thievery Corporation’s pro-Occupy video ‘Unified Tribes’

Thievery Corporation have now gotten in on the Occupy Wall Street movement action by releasing “Unified Tribes,” a new single featuring MC and Def Jux alum Mr. Lif. This is the second collaboration following the 2011 LP “Culture of Fear.” The song has a ’70s funk and Motown vibe that mixes well with Mr. Lif’s emceeing.

This, of course, isn’t Thievery Corporation’s first foray into politics—Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have long been involved in progressive politics and the band name Thievery Corporation leaves little room for interpretation, unless it suggests a gang of Parisian illegalists.

Mr. Lif describes “Unified Tribes” as “another sonic molotov aimed straight at the belly of the beast,” adding “it is our attempt to offer inspiration, energy, & hopefully a morale boost to the Movement as it will take persistence and resilience to bring about change to the collective consciousness of our culture.”

“We’ve been so fortunate to link up with Mr. Lif,” says Eric Hilton. “He has a revolutionary spirit in the purest, most humane sense; and the world needs more of his conscious approach to hip-hop.”

Mr. Lif notes that “The Occupy movement is important to me because it is the people’s massive response to the unsavory aspect of human nature known as greed. Occupiers have come together in an attempt to bring about better conditions for the many as opposed to the few.”

Accompanying the “Unifed Tribes” single is a music video which features Mr. Lif winding his way through the Occupy D. C. camp, intercut with Occupy protest footage. The video can be seen below.


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